Letting Go

For some months now, I have been passing through a difficult phase. I have been trying to grow, and believe me, it’s not an easy thing. Growth is hard, difficult and kind of comes slowly. It’s been rough months, really rough months. And these months have taught me something. I have learnt that it is … More Letting Go

Those who can see the future need not worry about the hurdles of the present. HAPPY NEW MONTH FROM THE SQUAD.  


My school has been on a short break for some days now. This has allowed me to have time for some things I did not have time for while in school; like watching movies, reading stories online and many other things. The first movie I watched immediately I got home was one of Disney’s latest … More Zootopia


Why leave Nigeria to stay permanently in developed countries, why not stay and develop Nigeria, because it was a set of people that developed the developed countries you are going to.