2017: A NEW YEAR

With a new year comes new hopes, new expectations, new dreams, new plans and resolutions. Yes, these are good, very good, but for all your plans and dreams for this year to come true, for this year not to be like every other year that you’ve lived, you have to put two things in mind. Two things that will make sure your dreams come true.1. MAKE CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS: many people have failed to achieve dreams of previous years by waiting, even till the end of the year for everything to fall into place for their dreams, for every piece of their puzzle to fit into place, they wait for the right people and right moment, not knowing that every day is evil on its own all they have to do is work towards their own dreams, they don’t know that only few If not none care for their dreams. So I say this year WORK YOUR DREAMS. 

2. STAGE YOUR DREAMS: you might be wondering what that means, well give me a chance to explain, to build a house to have to get a piece of land, hire professionals to plan your house and other steps that follow in the process of building a house, that also is what you have to do to achieve your dreams, you’ll notice that previous years you had dreams and you’ve tried to achieve these dreams heads-on but this year, make an approach to break achieving your dreams and goals this year into stages you’ll see things falling into place. 

Lastly evaluate the previous years and look at how you approached achieving your dreams that didn’t work out and do better this year. 

From all of us at Inspirational Squad we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We love you and hope to inspire you better this year.​


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