A determined boy decided one day to go in search of wisdom, to search for what it takes for him to influence, to change his world. Without wasting time, on a bright Saturday morning, he dressed up and set out.
Getting to the sitting room, he saw his father sitting there and watching the early morning news.
“Good morning daddy”
“Good morning my son, how was your night and why are you going this early that you’ve dressed up without even waiting for food”, the father replied
“Daddy, I am searching for something, but let me ask you, maybe I won’t have to disturb myself to going out again. Daddy, what does it take to influence lives?”
His father looked up and thought for some minutes. Not wanting to discourage his son, he replied
“My son, to be serious I don’t know what it takes to influence the world to change the world. But first go to my friend, the Senator , he should be able to give you a very good answer”
The boy was disappointed, but not relenting, he set out to Senator’s  house which is about 30 minutes walk.
On getting to the Senator’s place, he was just about to leave his house, but he stopped for the boy and asked him to enter the car. Getting inside the car, the boy greeted Senator and went straight to his question.
The Senator laughed for some time and replied,


“Well, this is not something you should be disturbing yourself about, the only thing that I know you need to influence is Power. Yes, Political power, get involved in politics and get ready to get your hands dirty. Get to a higher political post and you can influence all you like, people will obey you, they will follow you”
“Thank you sir” the boy replied, he highlighted from the car but he was not satisfied by what Senator has said, he wanted a better answer, at least he had heard of people who had influenced lives and yet most of them were not politicians.
He then decided to wait till he resume to school on Monday.
Very early on monday morning he rushed to his teacher curiously and he said
“Excuse me ma, please what does it take to influence?” his teacher without thinking about it just laughed and immediately she said, “EDUCATION!”
He, still not satisfied thought within himself  ‘School drop-out still influence their world’. Then immediately after school he walked towards his friend whose father was rich and decided to give him a visit. Fortunately, he met the rich man at home with joy in his heart he summoned courage, greeted him and asked his question.
The Rich Man replied anxiously,
“Very simple question my son, Just MONEY! Work hard and make your cool cash”
‘Dont we have poor people who actually influenced there generation’ he thought deeply again within himself (getting more disappointed).
‘I have an idea about how to get my answer’ he said to himself optimistically.
Then he came up to the Squad to help him share his question with the world, “I.S(INSPIRATIONAL SQUAD) please help me out” he said to us.
So world, it’s an open question:



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