A Game of Chess.

_20160907_210834Hello there, do you play Chess? No? Why? What then do you play if you don’t play Chess? I mean, how do you exercise your brain?

Don’t mind me. I’m just being ‘chessy’. It’s not a crime not to play Chess. It’s been a long while we had anything here. Sorry about that. Hope we are all fine? Did you miss this space? I sure did!

Anyways, today, we’ll be learning from Chess. Last week was my departmental fresher’s week. It’s like a week dedicated to the freshmen from my department. We had games, parties, food and many other exciting stuffs. I don’t play football so I made myself available for Chess and Scrabble. And aside from the fact that I improved my Chess skills, I learnt a few lessons that I will like to share with you.

Life is like a Chess game. Has anyone ever told you that? Have you ever read that somewhere? Perhaps in one of John Maxwell’s books or something? Or are you hearing this for the first time? Actually I have never heard this anywhere. This was something I discovered myself last week during my departmental fresher’s week. Now let me explain.

In a Chess game, we have sixteen chessmen for each of the players. One King, one Queen, two Castles, two Bishops, two Knights and eight Pawns. Now this is very important.

In a Chess game, you and your opponent have the same number of chessmen. You have the same number of castles, of pawns, of knights, of bishops, of king and queen. No one is given more than the other. Each player starts with the same opportunities. What now matters is brain, intellect, brilliance, expertise, mathematics and risk-taking ability

There is no excuse for losing a Chess game. None!

Now, have you ever thought that this is the same thing with life? We are all born with same number of brain cells. We all have the opportunities to live big, to make a change, to impact and make the world a better place. But not we all do. Why?
The same reason why people lose Chess games. I have being playing chess for years and one of the reasons people lose this game is that they give up. Once they lose their queen or any other high official to their opponent, they believe they have lost the game. And so they start playing anything just in a bid to finish the game and leave in shame. Such a pity!

The same thing happens in life. We all have the same opportunities. But we sometimes give up easily when life throws trying – stones at us. We feel we cannot make it again and that we are not worthy of anything. So we give up. We lose hope and just watch things unfold. Sad.

In this life, you are responsible for whatever happens to you. Forget fate now. In a chess game, there is bound to be a loser. But it is not stated there that you must be the loser. Also in the world, there is bound to be the watching squad – those that watch while other do the job. But there is no where it is stated that you must be that loser. Is there? So you are responsible for whatever happens. Right?

Life is like a chess game. You have the board before you. Your first move matters a lot. You have the same chance to win as the guy on the other side of the board does. Whether you’ll win or not now depends on you. Don’t settle for a stalemate. Go for a checkmate and let your opponent know you are the boss.

As you go through the week, please don’t forget: Life is a chess game. You have the same chance to win as your opponent. You have exactly the same number and type of chessmen. What matters now is your brain.

Use your brain. Don’t leave it idle! – Albert Einstein.


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