On Leadership: Making a Change

What are we trained to be?
Who are we planning to be?
What are our minds made up of?
A roommate of mine and I were talking and he was like, if he becomes the president of Nigeria tomorrow, the first thing he will do is to embezzle “his own share of the nation’s money.”
Can you imagine? I have always been hoping and praying that our youths, when they get to a higher post will effect a positive change, but it saddens me when I see youths who have already made up their minds to embezzle when they get to a post of authority.
Then why do we complain about our present leaders? Why do we call them bad, when we would also do the same if we were to be in their shoes?C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_change-pixabay

This day, I want to call out to young and old, especially the youth to change their mindset about politics, to see politics as a way to change the world. That when they get to a post of authority, they should let the masses enjoy what they didn’t enjoy, to break the jinx of mass suffering.
Its all about changing the strategies of the political system,lets get out of “nonsense” ideology about politics, ‘You say its a dirty game?’ Fine! Let the dirty ones keep playing the dirty game and watch if it will make a clean one.
Get into it with a determined mind, even if it will cost you money to buy books, BUY!, cost you 4years at the university to have its knowledge do it. A time will come when you will have the opportunity  to get there, then you will realise those days were not wasted.



I want the youths to change their world, to oppose corruption in all its forms and ramifications wherever they find themselves. Thank you.


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