On Leadership And Influence

_20160814_145801I was just watching the movie: Facing the Giants, and this dropped into my mind and I think I should share with you.

As a leader, you need something. You need influence. You need the ability to trigger people, to inspire them to do that which they might not want to do or think they cannot do. It takes a good leader to tell a blind follower that one day he will see. It takes a good leader to tell his followers that no matter what happens, victory is sure. It takes a good leader. It takes influence.

If you watch war movies, you’ll see how the warlords ignite the fire in their army before they go to fight. You see how the warlord chants and shouts to his soldiers. He has to do this so as to get them inspired, to give them the morale to fight. You will hear some leaders say things like:

‘We’d rather die fighting than live forever as slaves. We were not born to be slaves. We deserve freedom. Soldiers of Thunderland, you deserve freedom. Your wives deserve freedom. You children deserves freedom. And freedom is what we are going to give them. Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!!’

And with that, heads get swollen up. You see the whole army shouting Freedom and running to challenge their enemies even though they know they are not capable. That is what a leader does. He fills his followers with optimism, with hope, with confidence. He pumps life into his followers.

As a leader, you need the power to influence. You need the ability. You need to know what will get your followers high and give it to them.

Bad things happen. Plans fail. Colleagues die. The team gets disappointed. But you have to give them life. You have to use your influence. When a football team loses a game, they get disappointed. They tend to give up. But that is when the coach comes in. That’s why you see on the field, the coach is never calm. He is never gentle. He knows if he just sits there on the chair at the 90th minute while his team is on the brink of failure, he is doomed. So he gets up, he shouts. He yells. He cries out. And the team sees him and get motivated. They get inspired and they do what they themselves never thought they could do.

A leader needs influence. And if you ask me what makes a leader, I will tell you straight away: INFLUENCE. Without influence, there is no leader. Now go out there and be the real leader you are supposed to be.

Happy leading!


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