Letting Go

_20160730_092917 For some months now, I have been passing through a difficult phase. I have been trying to grow, and believe me, it’s not an easy thing. Growth is hard, difficult and kind of comes slowly. It’s been rough months, really rough months. And these months have taught me something. I have learnt that it is easier to grow than to maintain. I mean, it is easier to reach a certain level than to maintain it. Now, seeing the way I have described growth, imagine how hard maintenance will be. However, I am not settling on this in this post. I want to write about another thing that I have learnt. Environment.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines Environment as ‘the circumstances, objects or conditions, by which one is surrounded.’

This may look simple but it is not. You must have heard that if you want to be successful, you should surround yourself with successful people. But I am taking this a step further. I have realized that many things influence us and our actions. Nature, books, the Internet, social media, movies, songs, etc. Not only people. Therefore, I have realized that if you want to grow, you should surround yourself with healthy things; healthy books, healthy songs, healthy movies, healthy friends, healthy celebrities, etc.

This is one thing that I have started to do just recently and it is helping a lot. There are some songs that I have deleted from my phone, not because they are inherently bad but because they are not just helping me to grow and I believe there is no fence in life. It’s either you are solving the problem or adding to it. So, for the fact that these songs are not helping my growth, though their bad effects might not be visible, I believe they are there. So, I have deleted these songs from my life. I want to surround myself with good music, songs that will move me to pray, to think good of my nation, to wish my nation well, to handle this world with care, to live with God in mind.

I have also let go of some books. Now that might sound absurd. No knowledge is wasted, isn’t that what they say? Well, true. No knowledge is wasted. But that saying has more meaning that you might know. No knowledge is wasted doesn’t mean you have to have knowledge about everything. Take for example a young teen who wants to have some knowledge of pornography and then ‘Googles’ Pornography. What he will see might send him into the cage of addiction. Of course, he would have gained some knowledge and might be able to write a very good essay on The Effects of Pornography. But is that knowledge really needed? I mean, we all can do without some thrash. This is why I have let go of some books. They are not building me. They are not helping me my growth and so I believe they are hindering my growth, though this might not seem obvious.

I have unfollowed some celebrities too. I mean, what’s the point in following a singer who posts nude pictures of herself on her wall all the time? I am here battling with pornography and then you post your nude picture on Instagram, are you not indirectly frustrating my efforts of growing up, of being a new guy, of changing?

Back to my first point: Environment. Many things constitute our environment: songs, animals, books, magazines, emails, social media, Internet, movies and many more. These things have both their advantages and disadvantages. They can build you up if you channel them into the right direction. They can also pull you down if you are not careful, thereby causing you to start all over from the scratch.

Growth is difficult. I am trying to grow out of some things and grow into others. I need helpers. I need a healthy environment. And so whatever is it that will not help me to achieve my goal of growth, I drop into the trashcan and let go.
If you are like me, struggling with something, aiming at something, trying to build your self up, trying to overcome addictions, trying to save some money, trying to start a business, trying to live a life with the right standing with God, feel free to join me and share your thoughts in the Comments or you can contact us through our Email if you need some privacy.

Live a good life. Stay clean. Surround yourself with healthy things. Create your own environment and live a good life. Stay blessed.


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