On the ‘Let Buhari Die’ updates.


If you are a Nigerian or African, or a Non- African current in International news, you will know what that picture means. For those who are still wondering, I will explain.
When I first saw this picture in my news feed, I was struck at how people can so much wish bad luck for their leaders. And also at how ignorant people are of who God is and what his nature is.
Here is the story behind that picture. Muhammad Buhari, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is out of the country. He is currently in London for an Ear treatment. Rumour has it that the president is terribly sick and does not just have a simple ear infection. Hence, this Facebook user’s status. For the purpose of this discussion, let us call the user FBU.
The sad thing about our country is that, most of we citizens are ignorant. We are ignorant of the fact that, ‘If the head is sick, the body is sick.’ Take it or leave it, President Buhari is already the president of Nigeria and that means he is the head. Whatever decision he takes will affect the whole country and will affect you (a Nigerian) either directly or indirectly. Why? Because he is the head.
As followers, we should not wish evil for our leaders. Now here is a personal example: I do not like Donald Trump and I do not wish that he becomes the president of the United States because if he does, all his decisions will in one way or the other affect, not only affect the United States, but the whole world in general given the fact that the US is a world power. But if unfortunately he becomes the president, will i pray for his death? No… Never. Followers are supposed to wish goodluck upon their leaders because if they do, the goodluck will affect them as followers.
Another thing that struck me about this naive status is the dim light in which FBU views God. To him, God is like a fairy tale character or a gnome that grants wishes regardless of the height of stupidity and evil in the request. FBU views God as a senseless being seated in the sky that kills his creatures at the request of another creature. According to FBU, God is responsible for the death of the celebrities and public figures mentioned in the status. This is saddening and disheartening. We have been blinded by myths and traditions and fallacies. And in our blindness, we have lost God. We have lost the definition of God. And it is things like this, little things like this that matter. An ignorant update like this matters because it has defined God incorrectly. And once we define God incorrectly, we will serve him wrongly. This is why millions are being butchered every year by extremists who believe they are doing the will of their God. And once we view God as a God that kills at will or request, we wont hesitate to kill and say we are doing it for him. If FBU finds himself in a suitable position now and finds access to the president, he might end his life all in the name of doing it for God, the God who killed his ‘favourite’ celebrities.
Don’t you think life will be better if we understand that once the head is faulty, the body is also faulty? Don’t you think life will be better if we see God as a life-giver and not  life-taker?
What if, as from now on, we start ‘praying’ for our leaders without caring whether we voted them in or not? What if, as from now on we start wishing good for every single human being regardless of their position, status, gender, colour or tribe? What if we begin to unlearn some incorrect lessons we have learnt about God? What if we stop seeing God as a God who delights in taking lives but one who delights in giving it? What if we open our eyes and see that the president is not the ‘only’ person affecting our country? What if we open our eyes and see that the death of a single man does not end a problem. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Insurgency and terrorism remain alive. Shekau is (allegedly) dead. Boko Haram is not. Ojukwu is dead. The agitation for Biafra is not. Can we not see these things???
Please, dear reader, if you will not grab anything from this post, grab these:
I. If the head is sick, the body is sick too.
II. God is not a killer. He is a life-giver not a life-taker.


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