And so I went to my Alma Mater few days ago, and I was privileged to meet with a former classmate. In our cause of discussion, I started asking him about his admission status and progress to the university, and we were rolling until he said, ” I am just praying they give me dramatic art(not sure), I don’t want theatre arts.”( Even though he later said he didn’t say that)- and that was where the problem started- I was now like, what is the difference between Dramatic Arts and Theatre Arts(because I didn’t know for real) , and that my classmate didn’t know. He started saying rubbish. When he saw that that wasn’t getting him anywhere, he said he didn’t say that and tried backing it up with only God knows what.
Cut, end of story. Well my point is this; so many people are like this my classmate, they want to offer a course in University just because it has a big name or because they have a neighbor who is offering it and recommended it for them, some others because their parents want them to do so.
There are many people who start up a business just because the neighbor with the same business is profiting. People Chase dreams that aren’t theirs, they satisfy some other person that is living his/her own life at the expense of their happiness. They live for other people’s happiness, they give up their passion for what is  worth it.
I am speaking to these people, stop it, if it is not too late. Start living your dreams. For those not caught up yet, live your dreams.
In conclusion, know the dreams you want to live by, and live the dreams you know and have.
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