Few years ago, I travelled to Lagos to spend a very long holiday with my four-year old cousin. I was welcomed very well and offered a place to sleep in their house. Then I woke up the next morning and moved to the sitting room to watch TV. Then, I saw my cousin watching this children cartoon; Dora the Explorer.
What is this? These things are for kids! I thought. My aunt was also watching.
‘Hmm-mm,’ I cleared my throat. ‘Perhaps we should watch something better,’ I suggested and my aunt gave me the remote control, which I almost snatched, and changed the channel. Immediately¬† I did so, trouble started. My four-year old cousin started crying, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_Happy-Mothers-Day-Images-34

‘Put it back! Put it back!!’
‘What? Look, let’s watch something meaningful,’ I said quickly. But then she burst into tears as though she had just been told she would be going to school on Saturday.
Then her mother said, ‘Akamu, I think you should put it back.’
‘Put it back? Ha, Aunt, are you enjoying this thing?’
‘Not really, but she is,’ she said, pointing to my cousin who was still shedding tears. Then I gave her the remote control and all of us started watching Dora the Explorer, something only my cousin enjoyed.
When I got back home, I told my mum about it and she laughed.
‘You did the same thing while you were small. You wouldn’t allow your father and I to watch any good TV program. The only thing you loved was Pinocchio and The Lion King.’
‘And you allowed me? You watched those childish things with me?’
‘We had no choice. You would cry if we refused.’
Quietly, I walked away to a solitary place and thought about this; how mothers sacrifice so much to please their children, how much mothers sacrificed and are still sacrificing just to make us happy, to make us laugh, to make us stop crying. My aunt sure did not enjoy ‘Dora the Explorer’, but she watched it with her small daughter anyway. My mum never enjoyed Pinocchio neither did she see any sense in the Tale of Mufasa and Simba, but she watched with me still.
I don’t know about you. You might not have asked your mother about all she sacrificed while you were a baby but I tell, there was a time when you were so small, you could do nothing than crawl, eat and play. There was a time like that when your mother sacrificed her joy, her happiness, her time just for you to be happy, because once you are happy, she is fine.
It’s Mothers Day today, why not get up now and give your mother a brilliant hug? Why not buy a beautiful present for her this day? Why not send her a message of love? Why not give her a call? Why not post her picture on social media and let the world know what your mother sacrificed for you? Why not go into your closet and say a word of prayer for your mother? Why not write a story, a love poem, an essay, an article – anything for your mother? Why not ban her from the kitchen today and do all the cooking, washing, and everything? Why not post on your Facebook wall, your Twitter account, your Instagram, that your mother is the best? We can never repay the sacrifices, but we can make them count.
Since the day my mother told me about my obsession with cartoons and how she allowed me to watch to my satisfaction, I thought differently of her. Mothers are wonderful! I love my mum and am gonna show it. How about you? Show us how wonderful your is in the comment section.



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