Word on yellow wall
Word on yellow wall

And so where I was sitting yesterday, a regular occurrence that took my attention happened.
We all know the story we were fed with about Mother Hawk and the Hen, and why Hawks hunt chicks. So where I was sitting, a mother Hawk appeared to be hunting inside my compound where fowls were. When the Hawk appeared, all of the fowls, including the Hens and the Cocks ran to take cover.
What’s my point, those big hens and cocks that could take up the Hawk, were still running, why? Because, it had become their habit to run when there is a Hawk in the sky.
That’s the problem of most people, they have been imprisoned by old and bad habits that they’ve tried and are still trying to break all to no avail.
This writing is not about how to break bad habits, but what I want to achieve with all these, is; for those who are not yet involved in bad habits like pornography, fornication/adultery, smoking, alcoholism, etc, I want to implore you not to try these things for once, they may seem nice at the moment, but they destroy, and it may come to a time in your life when you will want to leave those habits but you may battle with them for the rest of your life, please don’t even think of doing them.
Finally, for those who have been caught up in these acts, my only solution for you is God. I won’t say more than that so as not to look like a preacher.
Thank you for reading. Share with friends who you think need it, friends that want to get involved or are thinking of involving in these things. Have a wonderful day.

And Welcome to the month of May.


2 thoughts on “HABITS

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