2017: A NEW YEAR

With a new year comes new hopes, new expectations, new dreams, new plans and resolutions. Yes, these are good, very good, but for all your plans and dreams for this year to come true, for this year not to be like every other year that you’ve lived, you have to put two things in mind. … More 2017: A NEW YEAR

The Girl Child.

She is beautiful A precious stone on the ocean floor Kept hidden beneath waves for centuries Invaluable, priceless, immeasurable. She is a she And she is gold.   But because you have stones for eyes And your mind is nothing but a black sheet Your open your mouth and call her shit You call her … More The Girl Child.


A determined boy decided one day to go in search of wisdom, to search for what it takes for him to influence, to change his world. Without wasting time, on a bright Saturday morning, he dressed up and set out. Getting to the sitting room, he saw his father sitting there and watching the early … More TO INFLUENCE…

A Game of Chess.

Hello there, do you play Chess? No? Why? What then do you play if you don’t play Chess? I mean, how do you exercise your brain? Don’t mind me. I’m just being ‘chessy’. It’s not a crime not to play Chess. It’s been a long while we had anything here. Sorry about that. Hope we … More A Game of Chess.

On Leadership And Influence

As a leader, you need something. You need influence. You need the ability to trigger people, to inspire them to do that which they might not want to do or think they cannot do. It takes a good leader to tell a blind follower that one day he will see. It takes a good leader to tell his followers that no matter what happens, victory is sure. It takes a good leader. It takes influence. … More On Leadership And Influence